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What happens in families with a blind person?  Some productive member of the family must stay behind to care for the afflicted, meaning even less food is on the table.  The picture above says it all.  Dr. Rutgard and his group, in cooperation with the Hawaiian Eye Foundation, cures hundreds a year, destined for a life of blindness and slow, dark death


Let us know if you are available for a cataract or eye mission to some far-away place where you will make lasting memories, bringing sight to victims of cataracts, or who cannot see and are severely impaired. SIGN IN BELOW. 

Known as the "Eye Ambassador", this site was built by friends of Dr. Jeff Rutgard for the purpose of supporting his travel around the world, restoring site to thousands of underprivileged or disadvantaged souls. 



"My goal is to help as many people in my lifetime as I can who need the help," Dr. Jeff Rutgard, an ophthalmologist based in La Jolla, California, said. Rutgard also teaches classes in his specialty on a pro bono basis as Loma Linda University in California.

Jeff Rutgard and volunteers treat all with respect and dignity, while treating their condition. 
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Friends of Jeff Rutgard of La Jolla, California USA, built this site.  Supported by Hawaiian Eye Foundation, please assist Dr. Rutgard any way you can.  Join a mission or donate money to keep him traveling.  He gives the gift of sight to many people a day, when traveling.  We must keep Eye Ambassador Dr. Jeff Rutgard traveling!


Having earned a reputation as one of the best and most innovative eye doctors in the world, Dr. Rutgard is dedicated to excellence in ophthalmology.  The Rutgard Technique is at center of excellence in these sight-giving missions. 

Dr. Jeff Rutgard of La Jolla, CA continues to provide all vision correction procedures using only the best eye doctor procedures known, utilizing true sterile technique, regardless of where iSight Missions take him. His standard of care is unsurpassed anywhere, and Dr. Rutgard has done more "free" surgeries than anyone on the planet.

Dr. Jeff Rutgard iSight Missions

Having helped thousands of people regain, preserve or enhance their eyesight with quality and compassionate care, Dr. Rutgard is a true "eye ambassador." He travels with the finest medical and surgical teams, securing the most positive results for the poor.  Supported by the Hawaiian Eye Foundation, Jeff does cataract surgeries on several continents.

Drawing on Dr. Rutgard's background as one of the most experienced eye eye doctors on the planet, these isight missions specialize in typical eye problems found in the Third World, usually caused by poor diet and/or damage from the sun.  Rutgard delivers a full-range of patient services, including expert preliminary eye examinations to sort out those most in need before the long and repetitive surgeries begin.

Cataract surgeries are tailored to each patient's individual needs and dedicated to improving each patient's quality of life. While on these missions, as many surgeries are done as humanly possible, while staying focused on only offering the highest standard of care in all vision correction procedures.  Rutgard wants to leave no one unattended, as the remoteness and difficulty to return means some will remain blind and others will have sight continue to deteriorate. 

Please join iSight Missions on a future trip to somewhere wonderful and remote.  It will be one of the best experiences of your life.  If you cannot travel, donate to Hawaiian Eye Foundation.

Thank you for visiting this site built by friends of Jeff Rutgard, MD., the Eye Ambassador.  Keep Dr. Jeff traveling by donating to Hawaiian Eye Foundation.  Go to iDOCTOR BLOG with thoughts or ideas for Dr. Jeff Rutgard.